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Today's report

Below are the current weather conditions observed in Montreal. Data is coming from the my weather station and is refreshed every 10 min

Today's Detailed Weather Report
Generated on 10/18/19 at 0:40

Temperature - Pressure - Humidity - Sun
  Current Min Max
Temperature (10 m) 36.7 °C 36.4 °C
at 0:00
36.7 °C
at 0:38
Temperature (1.5 m) 7.2 °C 7.2 °C
at 0:00
7.2 °C
at 0:00
Wind chill 36.7 °C 36.7 °C
at 0:00
36.7 °C
Dew point 36.7 °C 36.7 °C 36.7 °C
Pressure 998.0 mb 997.5 mb
at 0:00
998.0 mb
at 0:38
Humidity (10 m) 100 % 100 %
at 0:00
100 %
at 0:00
Humidity (1.5 m) 24 % 24 %
at 0:00
24 %
at 0:00
Solar Radiation 0 W/m2 0 W/m2 0 W/m2
at ----

Total (since midnight) 0.2 mm
  Current Max
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/h 0.0 mm/h
at ----

Wind Speed and Direction
Current wind speed 9.7 km/h
Current wind direction 309 ° - NW
  Gust Average (10 min)
Wind gust 22.5 km/h
at 0:19
11.3 km/h




2019 Snow Contest. Guess the exact date and time of when we will have at least 0.5 cm (or a 0.1-inch) of snow in Montreal downtown (Example: Nov. 1 at 11:10 a.m.) and win a T-Shirt. The winning entry will be drawn from all the entries with the nearest correct date and time of the first snowfall as measured in Montreal downtown. The entry will have to be submitted by October 27th, 2019 at midnight (EST). Enter here.

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